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age | Over 18.
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character name | Cassandra Cillian
age | 26
subject | Mathematics. If we get multiple math teachers she'll specialize in calculus and geometry.
gender | Female.
appearance | Cassandra Cillian is 5'7" with red hair and blue eyes. Here, have a picture.
history | Cassandra Cillian at The Librarians Wiki.
AU history | Cassandra's parents where aware of their daughter's brilliance from an early age, and rather than try to squash it, they actively encouraged it. Math and science were her forte, and her mother and father did what they could to make sure she had the best schooling, had special teachers, and encouraged her to attend lectures and read extensively on scientific and mathematic topics of interest.

But when she was fifteen, Cassandra started to experience nosebleeds, fainting spells, and hallucinations, and after consulting with many doctors, it was determined that Cassandra had a tumor in her brain. It was estimated to be about the size of a grape, and resulted in her developing synesthesia that crosswired her significant intelligence and memory recall to her other senses. She begin to taste math, to smell science, and began to visualize formulas as her own personal picture show.

Her parents were horrified, and knowing that regardless of her functionality, she'd be looked at as deficient for her illness and so they dedicated themselves to teaching her how to hide it. They tried to encourage her to dial back on her pursuits, but Cassandra refused, continuing to explore the math and the sciences but at a more careful pace, and not at a level that would have drawn more attention to her than could be afforded. Rather than embark on a life of popular scientific experimentation a la Madame Curie, she got her teaching certification, and was able to secure a position at Clarion Academy teaching mathematics.

Over the years she's been able to successfully hide her condition from her students, and from most of her fellow teachers, but it's slowly becoming more difficult to manage. Science has not led to answers for her condition, and she is starting to wonder if perhaps the supernatural might.

personality | Despite the fact that she is living with a terminal illness - or perhaps because of it, Cassandra is actually a very happy person who looks at the world with a sense of wonder, though not out of an air of naivete. Due to the nature of her synesthesia and genius intellect, she is constantly processing the world around her in the most fundamental terms of mathematics and scientific principle. Rather than this making her cold and logical, the beauty of universal order (there's order even in chaos, to her) makes the world around her a magical place. She generally believes the best of people, but isn't a sucker; when someone clearly behaves with ill intent toward her, she protects herself and those around her. It's in her nature to want to help people.

It's important to note how her tumor induced synesthesia works - her high functioning, eidetic memory is tied in with her senses and memory recollections. So while she's calculating the direct axis of shadows generated by the sun during the vernal equinox, she might also be tasting the butternut squash her mother made as a side dish for Thanksgiving when she was five years old. She's able to process multi-dimensional math, however she can also get overwhelmed when presented with too much data, which can result in headaches, nosebleeds, and fainting spells.

The fact that her own brain is a ticking time bomb is a fact that she lives with every day, and it's not always easy to keep on the bright side of life. At times, she does become frustrated and scared and angry, but tries to keep those emotions under control. Thus far science has failed to cure her, and she is not above considering other sources - say, the supernatural, or the magical, in order to find a way to live. How far she is willing to go, and the price she's willing to pay have yet to be determined (though in her canon, Cassandra did in fact betray her fellow Librarians for a cure, only to be betrayed and then return to the fold). However, the closeness of her own mortality also makes confronting death from an outside source less of a point of fear - after all, she sees it every day just by looking in the mirror.

sample 1 | [please include a 200 word minimum prose sample set in-game using the prompt of your choosing. this may not be linked from another source.]

sample 2 | Cassandra Cillian on the Clarion Academy TDM.
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